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Jessa B.

Hometown: Rural Ada, MI
Favorite Songs To Dance To: There so, so many. Here are some standouts over the years: "Blood, Milk & Sky (I'm-ho-tep 3700 year-old boogie remix)" by White Zombie, "Creator" by Santigold, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier, "Mosquito Song" by Queens of the Stone Age, just about anything by Sia, "From Here I Can Almost See The Sea" by David Grey, "Everybody Here Wants You" by Jeff Buckley, "Parabola" by Tool, and "Shadow on the Wall" by Brandi Carlile
Favorite Quote: "Whether you think you can or you can't... you're right." ~ Henry Ford
Why I Teach At Flirt: It is my calling to teach. Pole is my passion. The fact I can do those things together is beyond fulfilling. Pole is more than my workout, it is powerful self-expression. It fosters a sisterhood I previously never experienced. It is a privilege to share that with as many people as I am able.
What I Want For My Students: Pole for nobody but yourself. Success at pole means you're enjoying yourself and growing as a person.
One Last Thing I Want You To Know: Self-doubt is my worst enemy, and one I am forever locked into a bloody battle with. The secret that I re-learn every time is that I am the one who decides the winner. Self-actualization is a choice aw

Jessa B. instructs the following:
  • Flirty Floorwork
  • Get in on the good stuff and become one with the floor! Play around with some dirty, sexy, flirty floorwork with the best of the best! Open to all levels. Heels or no heels!

  • Topsy, Turvy, and Flirt
  • Wish you had better balance? Want to master your handstands? Love a nice yoga flow? This class is for you! Master all of your favorite hand balancing moves and incorporate some of the most challenging balancing yoga poses! Open to all levels. 

  • Flirt Flexibility
  • Ask and you shall receive! it’s finally here and it’s only offered one time and at one location. In this class, we will focus solely on stretching and active stretching. We will focus on anything and everything from back bends to side splits to middle splits to opening the shoulders. This class is open to all levels, including students that do not take pole classes. It’s a great class to take with a friends so you can work on your splits together!

  • Level 9/10
  • This is a split level class. Level 9 students will learn level 9 material and level 10 students will learn level 10 material.